Turbo Trainers – The Great Way To Workout Indoors!

Riding your bike is another great way to keep fit. With bike riding, you, of course need to have good weather out doors. If its raining outside, your workout will be disrupted and probably will not be as productive or as enjoyable as possible.

One alternative to working out on your bike indoors is having a stationary exercise bike. These are really great. They give you the means to get a good workout and are fairly inexpensive. The downside to exercise bikes is that they don’t portray true to your real bike. Now this may not be a problem if you are a casual bike rider, but if you are training for a competition this would be an issue.

Exercise bikes are great but they are simply that. Exercise bikes. The position of the seat, the resistance, the movement – they are all different to how your actual bike will perform.


Turbo Trainers

Magnetic trainers, otherwise known as turbo trainers are the solution. They allow you to ride / workout on your actual bike indoors. The way they work is you rest your front bike tyre on a ramp. Your rear wheel will be on the trainer. Some of the simple trainers simply allow you to ride your bike at your own pace. The more advanced trainers actually do more. They give you control with the resistance and a lot more.


The Cost

Bike trainers need not be too expensive. The starter trainers can cost you around $50 or £30 and can go all the way up to a thousand or even beyond. But for that kind of money you do get a good quality piece of equipment.

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