Best Trainers For Running

When running, you want to take especially good care of what you are wearing on your feet.

As well as comfort you want your running shoes to be able to breathe. Most higher-end Nike Air trainers do allow this. They “pump” air into the shoe so your feet needn’t get too clogged up and sweaty while you run.

Believe me, there is nothing worse than sweaty feet when you are running, its demotivating and just plain disgusting.

The other thing to consider when looking at foot wear for the feet when running is comfort. If the shoe is too tight, then its painful, if its too loose then it can become very irritating and not to mention; dangerous.

So keep the sneaker comfy!

Balance and composure is the other factor to check. If you are not stable as you are running you could cause yourself long term injury which you may be unaware of at the time, or short term pain.

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Shoes For Weight Lifting

For those weight lifters out there, like me 🙂 will also need a special pair of shoes for lifting weights.

Most movements are fine whatever shoe you wear, however, when you are doing dead lifts or squats, you will need flat shoes.

Weight lifting is a very good way to stay fit, build muscle and burn fat.

However, when lifting weights, you have to be very cautious. While weight lifting proves to be one of the best ways to strengthen your body while you sculpt it into the shape you desire, it can also be quite dangerous.

If you are lifting heavy then you want to be more careful. Lifting heavy, while having amazing benefits, also can be quite dangerous.

Besides the obvious threat when lifting, you also want to make sure you have good posture when deadlifting or squatting.

This is where good shoes comes into play. Form and posture is everything when you are squatting or deadlifting. Poor form and poor posture can cause extremely serious injuries. Both long and short term.

Wearing shoes which are raised can add to a posture being bad.

This is is why many sports therapists recommend wearing flat shoes. Flat shoes force your back to be straighter than it would with raised shoes.

If you dont have flat shoes when doing these lifts, then I recommend wearing no shoes and just working out in your socks.